• Aeration

  • Curb Appeal can handle lawn aeration and seeding for your commercial or residential area. A thick, healthy lawn requires constant care. Over time, lawns can get compacted soil and thatch build-up, which can inhibit the growth of new grass. If your lawn has taken a beating from the heat of summer or is starting to have thin spots, it may need more than just seed.

    Aeration reduces soil compaction, slows thatch build up, and creates growth pockets for new roots. It opens the way for water and fertilizer to get into the root zone of your lawn. This enables your lawn to have a stronger root system, which translates into a thicker and healthier lawn. Plus, the cores contain microorganisms that will break down the thatch into healthy organic matter. Custom Lawn & Landscape can show you a core sample that will determine if your lawn is ready to be aerated.