• Weed-N-Feed

  • Curb Appeal's residential weed control is a complex activity. Preventing and eliminating weeds starts way before the first weed emerges and continues throughout the year until winter weather arrives. Seeing a weed and spraying it with a conveniently bought weed killer may solve the problem in the short term, but the underlying problem that causes the weed to develop in the first place remains unchanged. A year long weed control program helps prevent weeds from establishing in the first place, eliminates weeds when they develop, and works to solve the underlying issues.

    The combination of our lawn service, fertilization program, and weed control program establishes the foundation in your lawn to prevent weeds from having a chance to take over. While the amount of lawn maintenance is determined by the homeowner, just by combining three cultural practices the health of a lawn will be greatly improved. Weed prevention begins with maintaining a healthy lawn. Our lawn mowing service makes sure that your grass is always mowed at its correct length and frequency throughout the year. The lawn is checked for weeds and other problems every time mowing takes place. If weeds are spotted the problem can be fixed right away or during the next scheduled weed control application.